The Carpentry

The Carpentry

The Carpentry, our second home.

We enter the carpentry in the morning aware that we’ll be tired once the afternoon comes around, with red eyes, cracked hands, dusty clothes, messy hair and a tired mind. The rhythm is persistent, with focused, vigilant eyes. But the Factory is our home. Here, everyone feels responsible for their own link in the chain and finds personal satisfaction in everything they do. Each person is an important player in making a calm, active, creative and lively place to work.

“A calm environment improves the quality of our work. And good work makes for better results.” This is the spirit we live by.

We want to manufacture extraordinary products, and technology helps us realise them.

Fortunately, today there is machinery that substitutes manual labor, accelerating processes and reducing physical effort. We have always invested in innovative technology, choosing the best instruments that the market has to offer at the time of purchase. Maybe this is, in fact, what makes us successful. We’ve kept the hands-on spirit of the craftsman, marrying it with the technology that today allows us to produce furnishings in time frames before unimaginable.

Technology gives us that extra push that lets us be faster and more precise. Our automated machines do their part in the manufacturing process, but the mind and vision are always that of a careful craftsman hard at work in the workshop.

… and whether it be by habit or need, the final touch is always handcrafted.